More flexibility with Sprint Report

Hi all,

:thinking: Looking for opinion here.

The EazyBI sprint reports are really amazing and are fulfilling a fundamental need!
However it is still subject to Jira’s sprints’ limitations (not able to access/edit most of sprint data like start date/end date etc.)

So at the moment I’m in the process of implementing 2 custom fields:

  • a number customfield “Story Points Initial” so I can record/measure changes in story points value manually
  • a select customfield “Engagement” with values “Commited”, “Uncommited”, “AddedDuringSprint” so I can identify/edit retroactively tickets added after sprint start etc

:dart: 2 goals :

  • To be able to access all that also in Jira (JQL for quickfilters etc)
  • To be able to edit retroactively these values

What is your opinion on this ?

Hi @jgmeillaud

You could import change history for most types of Jira custom fields (single-select fields, date picker fields etc) in eazyBI and see the report on a particular day of the sprint (or time interval since sprint started).
For example, calculate the number of issues with Engagment value “Committed” on the first day of the sprint and in the same way see the history of numeric field “Story points initial” at the sprint timeframe and even the changed values by dates of the sprint timeframe.
Please reach out to eazyBI support with more details on your expected report.

Martins / eazyBi