Move Measure to advance settings for performance reasons: verify if issue was done DURING release dates

I have a measure that checks how many items are done during a specific release according to the start date of the release and the release end date.
It is working fine but it takes around 20 seconds for the report to show up.
I want to use advance settings or JS to improve performance.
This is the measure:
– iterate through set of issues
– apply filter criteria to each issue
DateBetween([Measures].[Issue resolution date], [Measures].[Version start date()], [Measures].[Version release date()])
[Measures].[Issue status] = “Done”
– numeric expression - the sum of relevant issues
[Measures].[Issues created]

Checking the date for every issue takes a lot of time. Can someone please help me create a new custom field (only in Eazybi) that will hold in what release the issue was resolved (based on the release dates).


Hello @Ofer_Cohen

Thanks for describing your use case. A JS could be an option, however, it would require to use function getDocument (Data adjustments using JavaScript), which could make the data import slower.

As a possible solution, could you please try updating your current formula by replacing the last part
[Measures].[Issues created ] with [Measures].[Issues resolved ]?

Best wishes,

Elita from

Thanks for the reply.
I changed it to [Measures].[Issues resolved] - It does improve the performance a bit - But it still takes a lot of time. How to create a measure that will be set up during Import (not with Jira automation, but inside eazybi)?


Any chance we can move the calculation to the advance settings?



Hello @Ofer_Cohen
My sincere apologies for delayed response.

I consulted with my colleagues who are more advanced in JavaScript codes and they mentioned that with “getDocument” function, the JavaScript code would need to iterate through every issue, requesting data from Jira for each of the issues and that would most probably cause timeout for the import.

Best wishes,

Elita from