MTTR Caliculation

hi , i am new to eazyBI . i want to calculate MTTR with as following . here is my use case

MTTR is defined as: MTTR = ((13-wk average backlog) / (13-wk average fixed rate) x 7)

backlog is just outstanding defects at a given point in time , lets say on Sunday midnight every week. fixed rate is defects transitioning to terminal state (C,J,D,U,V) in the course of a week , lets say week beginning Sunday minight

Hi @Sudarshan_Reddy ,

You can calculate the two crucial pieces of your MTTR calculation with the Avg() function that looks at the set of the last thirteen weeks. As the numerical expression, you can then use the measure “Open issues” in case of backlog and “Transitions to status issues count” for issues transitioned to terminal state. See an example for the latter below:

    [Transition Status].[Closed],
    [Transition Status].[Done]
  },[Measures].[Transitions to status issues count]

See the eazyBI documentation page for more details on the functions used in the example - MDX Function Reference - eazyBI.

Roberts //