Multi-Level custom field import

Hi Team,

Multi-Level custom field import, we have created a Multi-Level custom field “Business Process categorization”, in that E2E,FUNCTIONAL AREA and BUSINESS PROCESS are the levels.

We need to create Eazybi Report for each level.

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Hi madhuri,
Welcome to the eazyBI community!

eazyBI supports the import of cascading select custom fields and automatically creates the hierarchy for the levels.

Here are the steps:
(1) Import the multi-level custom field as a dimension. You can select to import it also as a property field where all selected values are in a single field, separated by a hyphen.

(2) Run the import and the new dimension will be available for creating reports in the “Custom fields” section. You can select which level to show in the report, and you can also add this dimension to the pages and filter by level values.

I hope this helps.