Multiple Calculated Members

Good morning community,
I need to replicate a stacked bar chart that uses both a couple regular statuses as a couple of the components, and then what I think Eazybi calls a calculated member. I think I searched that out, and have the multitude of statuses that make up this “InProgress” label. The problem I am having however, is that I cannot select a couple of the regular statuses (Prioritized and Closed) and also use the the InProgress aggregate. They deselect once I go from selecting members, to calculated members.

Is there a better way to do this than create a couple calculated members that are the same as the regular members?

Thanks everyone!

Hi fleetguy,

You could try to add “All statuses” and the calculated one from the “Status” dimension. After that switch to the table view and expand “All statuses”. Then in the table, you can click on any status name and from the drop-down menu remove the unnecessary statuses, including “All statuses”. Finally, you can switch back to the bar view. Please see the attached gif for reference.

Robert / support@eazyBI