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I have multiple risk assessment fields which are filled in for each ticket in my Jira project. Currently there is one report per each risk custom field, showing how many tickets were created at high, medium or low level. I would like to combine these reports into one report which displays the information from individual reports alongside each other. I am struggling with this since adding multiple dimensions into Rows automatically nests the dimensions, but I would like each custom field to be displayed at same level of hierarchy. Is it possible to create a report displaying information from multiple custom fields at the same hierarchy level (not nested)?

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You are quite right, nesting dimensions in rows is eazyBI standard behaviour and it could not be changed.

Though, I can suggest one the following solutions.

  1. Use dashboards.
    Create three similar reports (with each of the dimensions), using the same Page filters, measures etc (so the data sed would be the same). Put all those three reports in the eazyBI dashboard next to each other.

  2. Use drill into option in columns.
    If those dimensions contain only three members each (high, medium, low), you may create a report where they are selected in the report columns side by side, not nested. It could be done using drill into dimension option. Read more about drill into dimensions:

For this solution:

  • Create three measures (in Measures) with the same measure “Issues created” as a calculation formula. Name them “Legal & Regulatories issues created”, “Reputational Risks issues created” and “Systems and Processes issues created” (or similar).
  • Select all those three measures in columns (without any other dimension).
  • Then, from “Legal & Regulatories issues created”, drill into dimension “Legal & Regulatories”, from “Reputational Risks issues created” drill into diemension "“Reputational Risks” etc.

Here is example of such a report (I used Issue type and Priority dimensions instead of custom dimensions):

Screenshot of the measure “Issues created by priority”:

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Hi Ilze,

This worked perfectly, thank you so much for your help, it’s really appreciated!


Great Post!
Solved my problem also :slight_smile:

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