Multiple Issue Hierarchies

We have defined one custom issue hierarchy as instructed in

name = "Theme"
all_member_name = "All Issues by themes"
levels = [

Question is: what is the correct way to define more than one custom hierarchy?

Hi Steve,

eazyBI does not have limitations on how many additional Issue hierarchies you add. You should define a new similar block with another hierarchy structure. Each hierarchy should have a unique name. Hierarchies are independent.

You can share the same custom fields in many hierarchies. However, make sure they have the correct context and values on each level in different hierarchies.

We suggest building hierarchies on top of one of the bases:

  • epic>parent>sub-task
  • parent>sub-task

You should have a custom field for any other level above. You can use only single value custom fields in a hierarchy only. Issues with the same issue type should be on one level.

You can use update_from_issue_key for custom fields. This is an important part of building correct hierarchy structure in many cases. Please follow up the guide and examples in the documention how to use it.

Daina /