Multiple reports in a single frame and Don't want filters to appear

Hi team,
Can some one help with the below queries?

  1. Is there a way to add multiple reports, charts to a single frame?
  2. Is there way to hide filters after creating a report in the eazy BI but added as eazy BI gadget on confluence?

Hi @SowjanyaRaju,

  1. You can add multiple reports to eazyBI dashboards. You can then view the dashboards in eazyBI or publish them in Jira, external websites, or in Confluence with the eazyBI for Confluence app. Please read more about eazyBI dashboards on the documentation page -

  2. Unfortunately, there is no way to hide a page or row filter in a report published in Jira or Confluence via the eazyBI gadget. You can limit the available actions for these gadgets. By default, this will disable the pages selection, but the already selected options will still be visible by users. Please read more about this on the eazyBI documentation page -

Another option is to create calculated measures that incorporate the desired filters. For example, if you currently have the Issue Type dimension in pages to filter out only Bugs, you can create a calculated measure to display the number of created Bugs. See the formula below:

([Measures].[Issues created],[Issue Type].[Bug])

Then you can remove the filter and the dimension from pages. Visit the eazyBI documentation page for more information on calculated measures and members -

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