Multiple Sprints

As you can see on prints… We are trying to create a eazybi report that will show the stories by Sprint.

But the Sprint field is multi-value and can contains 2 or more sprints.
EasyBI show me only tickets where Sprint is equals the last value.

EasyBi just show tickets where “Sprint = [Sprint]” and not “Sprint cointains [Sprint]”.

How I can change this?

Hi Ariel,

Maybe you can try measure [Measures].[Transitions to].

I saw it being used in post here: Number of Sprints for issues to get completed

Seems like it is a hidden measure though because it is not on my list but when I create a calculated member it works.

Here you can see that there are multiple sprints for issues using it:

Hope that helps!
Gvido Neilands,

To get a count of issues which were/is in a selected sprint, you may define a new calculated measure in measures using a tuple like this:

([Measures].[Transitions to issues count],
[Sprint Status].[Active])

Another option is to use measures Sprint issues at closing which returns the count of issues at the moment when a sprint was closed (of course this measure works only for closed sprints).

And remember to use at least one measure in each report to bind your data together from different perspectives (dimensions). A measure is a treasure :slight_smile:

Zane /