My imported checkboxes are providing no data

I imported custom checkboxes for “Demo complete”. There is only 2 options, Complete or none.

I can see that data is imported as other graphs are populated, however the table that uses the property “Issue Demo complete” shows absolutely no values.

The end result is that I want to have a % of tickets in each sprint that have been demo’d.

Hi @ForSiteJon

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Import “Demo complete” custom field as a dimension: Jira Issues Import - eazyBI for Jira

Then use this dimension member “Completed” in the report together with any measure to get demo’ed issues.
I suggest using the measure “Sprint issues at closing” - it counts all issues assigned to the sprint at its closing moment, completed during the sprint, and not completed.

To get the percentage of demo’ed issues versus all sprint issues at closing, create a new measure in Measures:

  ([Measures].[Sprint issues at closing],
   [Demo complete].DefaultMember)>0
  (Measures].[Sprint issues at closing],
   [Demo complete].[Completed])
  ([Measures].[Sprint issues at closing],
   [Demo complete].DefaultMember)

Use correct dimension name and member instead of [Demo complete].[Completed]!
Set percentage formatting.

Ilze /

Import “Demo complete” custom field as a dimension

Unfortunately I tried this and it’s returning empty values for complete/none. Maybe because it’s a new JIRA custom field (checkbox) and EazyBI doesn’t know how to handle it.

I couldn’t get either working, including using the custom measure you provided (I did add the missing bracket in line 5 too) and our trial of EazyBI has run out. I can’t make a good case for paying a subscription due to the above issues.

Thanks for your help though.