My measure "remaining days in sprint" is duplicated in my report because it's correlated to a dimension in columns


I’m new to EazyBI and loving it so far. Sorry in advance if the answer to my question is obvious to advanced users!

I’ve been asked to create a simple report that will display remaining estimates in days for To Do and In Progress tasks in the current sprint, by assignee, and compare these estimates with the remaining number of working days in the sprint.

To achieve this, I’ve created a new measure to calculate the remaining days in sprint, thanks to another question asked in the forum. I’ve also created a new measure in order to convert the remaining estimates with sub-tasks into days instead of hours. I’ve used both measures in columns, and added the Status Dimension in columns too. I’ve put the assignee in Rows and Sprint + a custom field in Pages… and I’m very closed to what I wanted:

I was able to display the remaining days in sprint measure as a dash line, which I was happy with. My issue is that the information “remaining days in Sprint” gets correlated with the status, and is displayed 3 times in my report. I found a pretty bad workaround to make the first two lines invisible by putting transparent color and no label for “Days Remaining in sprint To Do” and “Days Remaining in sprint In Progress”. But what I would really like is to have that single dash line with my calculated measure go through my report only once, thus not being correlated with the other column which is the Status dimension.

I’ve tried deleting the duplicated columns in the Table View, but it deletes the whole measure from the report, not only the correlation with the status.

If I explain differently, in the Table View I would like a unique column “Days remaining in sprint” without the status on top.

I guess there’s something fundamental I’m not understanding at the moment. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards to everybody :slight_smile:



I’ve found a workaround for my problem: instead of using the Status Dimension in Columns, I’ve used the Drill Into function / Status on the “Remaining estimates with sub-tasks in days” calculated measure.

Problem solved!