My reports are broken

Hello all.

My simple reports are broken for some reason since few days ago. It just calculates totals but not even shows internal columns. Please see my screens.

All changes I did is change JIRA domain. But they say it should not apply

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Hi @dimono,

When moving from one Jira domain to another, eazyBI copies (migrates) set up of accounts, import options, report and dashboard layout, and calculated measure formulas. However, the data are not migrated and should be imported from all data sources once more.

Click on “Start Import” to import data into the data cube.
Then check the import status and how many rows are imported.

Zane /

Please show where is Start Import button you referrer to?
I don’t think it will work because my reports are imported every day automatically and also I’ve added new reports based on Google Sheet / MySQL and it doesn’t work for me.

Should I remove your plugin and install once again?

“Start import” is available in the top right corner (see picture below).

If you have migrated your Jira domain, then the first import after migration should be done manually to restart daily imports.

Will try and let you know. Thanks.

@zane.baranovska I’ve just create new source

Then click “Start imports”
Wait until import is complete.

After that I go to “Analyze” tab, find my source and create new report

But report doesn’t show data…

The report only show total data but not by rows

Is it possible if I send you temporary credentials to our JIRA so you will check?

FYI I’ve found an issue.

When I filled this field it started working

this field was empty before.


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