Need a count of values from a custom field in issue

Our JIRA Issue has a company field indicating the companies affected by this issue. I would like to
a) Need help in creating a calculated metric - a count of these fields
example :
Issue ABC-123, company id: apple, microsoft, google , count = 3
Issue DEF-458, company id : null ( empty) , count = 0
issue XYZ-232, company id: eazybi , count = 1
b) Is it possible to include this as a column in the simple report of open issues
Issue | open | company affected count


First, make sure you imported the Jira custom field “company id” in eazyBI (at least as property).
Then create a new user-defined calculated measure (with integer format).

Not IsEmpty(
  [Measures].[Issue company id]
Val(Len([Measures].[Issue company id]) - Len(Replace([Measures].[Issue company id], ',', ''))+1)

It would count the number of values from the issue-level property

Finally, create a issue-level report with issues in rows, select “Issues created” in and the new measure in columns.
Then select “Status” dimension as page filter and filter only open statuses.
And make sure you enable “Nonempty” cross join for report rows, to show only related issues to report context.

Martins / eazyBI support

Great. thanks for the help.
Have one question though. How did u enable the Issue company id column to be displayed?
in the nice example you quoted( and thanks for highlights)
I see the column Issues Created | Issue status | Issue company id | count of companies affected.
How do i show the various fields of the issue as columns?, i.e, in this case, the issue company id, that is a good data to provide beside the count.

Here is how to import custom fields in eazyBI cube:

Make sure you import all your fields as properties, then find them by prefix “Issue…” in the “Meaures” dimension and select for the report with issue-level details in rows.

Martins / eazyBI

sorry . did not get you. my custom fields are all imported. dont have a problem with that.
i would like to know how and where can i add the extra columns to display on that report.
in the above example, you added company id into the report, how can i do that ?

I selected the property “Issue Company ID” from the “Meaures” dimension and it appeared as new column in my report.
This property appeared after I imported the “Company ID” field as property.

Martins / eazyBI

Thanks. I did not see it earlier, it was nested in one of the measures.
appreciate your timely response and help. this can now be closed.