Need a report based on user commented tickets

Hi Team,

I need a report based on user added comment,

I have user called Shivani, she is not a assignee but she is adding comments in each ticket to update inputs to reporter, so I need a report like daily how many tickets she responding.

attached screen shot:

Hi @Musku_Nagaraju,

eazyBI organizes users in three user dimensions:

  • Reporter - users who have reported at least one issue in any of the imported projects
  • Assignee - users who have ever been assigned to any of the imported issues
  • Logged by - users who have logged hours towards issues

You could use one of these dimensions where the user can be found. E.g., has Shivani reported or been assigned to any issue (not the ones commented, but any)? Then you can use any of the user dimensions to import an additional measure towards it. If not, maybe you can create a ‘dummy issue’ that they report, or you assign them for a moment, and then the user will be created in the dimension to be used for the comment measure.

See an example JS code here: Calculating the number of comments - by specific USER - #2 by zane.baranovska.

Lauma /