Need help in Customizing Sprint Report - to show sprints of only selected boards

Hello. I am trying to create a Sprint report similar to the sample report “Story Points Balance by Sprints”. In our organization, there are some old agile teams and old boards crated by them - due to some reason, we cannot remove them from Jira. So I want to filter them out in the drop down that shows all board names.
I tried by creating Calculated Member using the formula Aggregate([Sprint].[Board1],[Sprint].[Board2]) but nothing shows up. Then upon searching in this site, I got another code

Filter({ChildrenSet([Sprint].[Board1]), ChildrenSet([Sprint].[Board2])},
[Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.getBoolean(‘Closed’) AND
NOT IsEmpty([Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Complete date’))),
[Sprint].CurrentHierarchyMember.get(‘Start date’),

This works (and I can add all required boards) but data does not show until I select a Sprint in the list. I actually want to just select the board and see the sprints for that board. I have added a filter to show only last 6 closed sprints.

Can you please help? Thanks much in advance.


Hi @jayanthav,

Your original formula with aggregating boards is missing a crucial part. The Aggregate() function needs a set expression to evaluate. In MDX, a set can be returned by some other functions, like in your second formula by Order() and Filter(). Or by defining it yourself, which is done by enclosing the members between curly brackets {}. Your original formula could have looked similar to the one below:


See more details here - Aggregate.

Roberts //