Need help in re-ordering the columns

  • I have a query in re-ordering the columns in a table visual.
  • I have added ‘Issue’ as dimension and created a calculated measure named ‘Serial Number’ using the Rank function,
  • The serial number column is generated without issues.
  • But, I need the serial number column to be the first column, but I am not able to drag it to the left most position. Always the ‘Issue’ (dimension) column takes first position,
  • Please help me on how to get the serial number column (Calculated Measure) to the first position.

As discussed over email:

It is not possible to get the MDX Rank number in front of the Rows dimension.
However, if there is a certain unique “Rank” value in your Jira attached to the issue, you could import it as a dimension in eazyBI and then use it in the Rows section before the Issue dimension.


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