Need help on a custom indicator for Logged by dimension

i need help with a custom indicator.

I can get it to work with all users:

[Logged by].Members,
[Measures].[IID with due date]


if i set it to a speciffic user, it no longer displays any data

For example,

[Logged by].[radu],
[Measures].[IID with due date]

does not return anything.

thank you.

anyone any ideas here?

Hi @radu,

The “Logged by” dimension is designed to analyze work logs and logged hours (see the dimension description in the documentation: Jira Core measures and dimensions).
It won’t work well with measures like “IID with due date”.

You might want to use the “Assignee” dimension to see how many issues are assigned to each user.
There is no need to make a new calcaution. Use the dimension “Assignee” on report rows and measure “IID with due date” on columns to see how values are grouped by users and the total for All users (all assignees).

If you are new to eazyBI, you might want to watch a series of short training videos to catch up on how to work with eazyBI: Training videos.

Zane /

Hello Zane, and thanks for your answer.

Unfortunately, what i’m trying to do is calculate a efficiency indicator for assignee. Number of tasks / assignee is of no use.

Each issue has a set estimated time allocated and a actual logged time. I am trying to create a report for each assignee with a calculation of Estimated time / logged time.

The only dimension i found that has actual logged time is the The “Logged by” dimension . All other dimensions dont have a history of actual logged info