Need help with Calculation query


I am trying to get the calculation query for the below report.

Currently I am using the manual number to calculate but I would like to have dynamic calculation

[Issue].CurrentMember / 2426

2426 is the total number of the first column so I would need help to get the dynamic number from the first column and first row cell.


Hi Vamakam,

I cannot test this since I do not have your data but I believe that this should do:

[Issue].CurrentMember / ([Issue].DefaultMember, [Measures].[Across All SVP])

[Issue].DefaultMember just means “All issues”.

Gvido Neilands,,
eazyBI service partner

The percentage calculation needs using the tuple with the default member and the formula should be the following:

[Measures].[Across All SVP]/ ( [Measures].[Across All SVP],[Issue].DefaultMember)

You are welcome to check more on tuples in the eazyBI documentation here:

Janis, eazyBI support