Need help with report

I need to create a report to see the time where ticket was assigned to my team, and I need to ignore few statuses, i,e., we do not have to consider the time when the ticket was in that status, also I need this for working days and to exclude holidays.

@Elita.Kalane any suggestions?

Hi @ayushlawania,

Thanks for posting your question!

When reading your requirement, I suggest you do the following steps:

  1. Define your holidays in Improt settings Time dimension section (learn more here - Data from Jira)

  2. Use the Issue Cycle functionality to group the Statuses you want to consider for Time calculation.

You can learn about Issue cycles here: Issue cycles

Or You can start by watching the video from last year’s eazyBI Community days about this topic here: Training videos on specific topics)

Issue cycles allow you to group statuses based on your requirements and create one issue Cycle that considers only the Statuses you defined. eazyBI would automatically create several measures, including the average workdays the issues spent in the cycle.

You can also add the Team dimension in Pages and filter your report by your Team.

Let me know if you have any follow up questions regarding this!

Best wishes,

Elita from