Need help with use custom field date as calculated base and present

Hi There,
we have a custom filed in JIRA named " Validation Date", and we hope to calculate Validation history data and present this history data based on the validation date to present team performance. currently, I can only present the Validation history by using ticket create time as calculated triggers. The code is as below:

) < 0
Cache([Measures].[Validated Extend1])

  • [Measures].[Validated Extend1]

need help here, I hope to change it to present a summary based on the Customer field, not JIRA ticket creation time.

I ask ChatGPT, and really cost me a lots of time for nothing…

I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Anyone? really need help here.

Hi @Claud,

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Thanks for posting your question!
To count the tickets based on a custom date field, please make sure your “Validation date” is imported as a measure. If you import the date field as a measure, you will notice that eazyBI has created a new measure, “Issues with Validation Date” which you can use in your calculations to count tickets based on the custom date and not the issue creation date.

You can also read this community post to see an example - Connecting time measure to Time Dimension - #2 by Elita.Kalane

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Elita from

@Elita.Kalane, So many Thanks for your help here.
Your feedback does light my way.
However, I still get confused here.
In the previous chart, I put time on the row and then managed to create the chart like the one below:

I used the timeline feature to make it.
I take your advice to use " issue Validation Date." I do have the date I need to present on the table view.
Then, I see some messages when I try to use the timeline feature, which doesn’t work.
The Message is:
“Cannot show timeline chart.
Please drag date or time dimension to rows and select in it only month or date level members.”

Can you help to light me the way again? I appreciate any help you can provide.
I think the message means I need to put the validation date in rows.
I’m not sure it is the right way to do it, and I also don’t know how.

I think the correct way might have something to do with the Predefined field" Validated XXX with Validation Date". and I am stuck here.