Need suggestion on how to share, distribute reports on Confluence for non-EazyBI Users

Hello experts,
I am new to the community and looking for some advice.
In my organization, we have recently started using EazyBI reports and sharing the reports and dashboards with the wider audience.
My question is there a way, can i put the link/reports on Confluence and the non-eazyBI user can access it ?

Hi @ShamsManji,

You can publish eazyBI reports on the Confluence page or other web pages using iframe with a public access token.

The report will be available to any person who can access the Confluence page, so consider data security and carefully what data are exposed and what interactions with reports you would allow to users. Some ideas to consider:

  • You may disable some interactions with the report, like Drill through details or Drill across data from another dimension perspective.
  • In the account with published data, import only necessary data that are necessary for reporting. For example, a limited set of projects and custom fields.

Please see the documentation for more details: Use public access token.

Zane /