Need to convert number to percentage

Good afternoon! Please help me create a measure. I need to convert a number to a percentage.

I have task type component fields and deducted time in tempo. I need to translate the time written off into a percentage of the total value. Here are the screenshots 1 is the column itself. 2. This is the total count. and 3 is the mapping itself. It is necessary for me that in paragraph 2 100% is displayed and in 3, the percentage of the total amount.
But there is a problem, I need to do this for individual components in one report. Please help me to create a calculated measure.
Thank you!

Hi @jon33367,

If you need to find the percentage of the current dimension member versus the total value for “All members”, you might address the DefaultMember of the dimension. You might read more about the .DefaultMember usage here - DefaultMember.

The expression might look as follows.

([Measures].[Tempo hours spent]
--next line is optional because CurrentHierarchyMember is what applies according to the report context
 , [Issue type].CurrentHierarchyMember
([Measures].[Tempo hours spent],
 [Issue type].DefaultMember)

Oskars /