Need to create a traceability report


I need to create a Traceability report . Specifically :
The project has multiple types of issues but I am concerned with the following as of now :
Processes and Tests (zephyr)
Processes were loaded
Tests were loaded with links (relates to type) to processes
Tests were assigned to multiple folks in multiple test events (versions)
now the ask is to generate a traceability matrix to check the coverage of each process in the following format :

*Note that the version /assignee are not strictly needed and the report may look as such too if the above version is not doable :
(excuse the text - I am not allowed to update more than one emboldened media as of yet)

Process Linked Test Zephyr Test Assignments Status
Process 1 Test1 Test_assignment1 Pass
Test_assignment2 Fail
Test_assignment3 Pass
Test_assignment4 Fail

I have asked our jira admin to import the linked processes and linked tests as outlined in this article :

It would be really helpful if someone can tell me how to get the rest of the format down,


Hi @SamIaM,
You should import “Zephyr Squad” related information into eazyBI as the app has integration with it: Zephyr Squad Test Management for Jira
And then, you can use the available dimensions together with test-related measures to build the traceability report:

Please let me know if you have further questions regarding this!
Gerda //

Hi Gerda,

Thank you for reverting - is there a way to import zephyr custom fields into EazyBI ?


Hi @SamIaM,
No, currently it is not possible to import Zephyr custom fields into eazyBI. But we have this idea in our backlog, and I will add your vote to it.