Need to create report with linked test cases count & sub-tasks hours spent & story associated with it

Hi Team,

We have created an Analysis in Eazybi with ** sub-tasks & hours spent in sub-tasks & linked test cases count but we have a blocker on providing the exact expected report.

Help us by providing the exact report based on screenshots provided.

Screenshot 1:

Required Analysis

Kindly help us on this as Priority

Thanks in Advance

Revathy Madhavan

Screenshot 2:

Created Analysis

Revathy Madhavan


The report could look like this:

eazyBI has the sub-task hierarchy of the Issue dimension, and you can drill into the Sub-task level from the parent level.

The option to split the measures by Design or Execution depends on how that is differentiated in Jira. If you have different issue types, the report could be the following (use issue type instead of the sub-task level):

The number of linked tests requires the import of the issue links as described in the documentation:

We have a demo account where several examples of how to count the linked issues are available:
Please, check the folder Issue links and hierarchies.

Janis, eazyBI support