Need to filter on Labels dimension having one of set of labels AND separate label

Greetings. I’ve been trying to make something work which I’m pretty sure you’re going to tell me can’t work but asking for help anyway.
We unfortunately use the Jira Labels field for multiple meanings. We use it to tag different types of features (so label is TypeA, TypeB, TypeC, TypeD, …) and we also use it to tag a form of must have’s (so label is MustHave) which could be on any Epic (these are only used on Epic issues). Yes we could do this in other ways but this is how we currently mark things.
I need to build a table that has the different types of features as rows to count how many Epics are open for each type; but also filter out so only those that are also must have’s are counted. So I know how to create a calculated member which uses Aggregate to list the feature type labels I want as rows. I also know how to create a calculated member which looks only for the must have label. I haven’t been able to figure how to create one that looks for ones that have one of the feature type labels AND also the must have label.
Is there a way?
I did try having the feature type labels as rows and then put Labels in as a column too thinking I could use a different filter there to only count the ones that also have must have in that column, but that did not work either (it will use the same filter that is applied to Labels dimension on the row).
I also found a community post about adding and subtracting things but I either get all of the ones with a feature type label regardless of must have, or I get none.
Any ideas?

Hi @jurban14,

You are correct; we suggest using different fields (dimensions in eazyBI) to mark various business needs/cases.

Luckily, there is a solution I could suggest on the eazyBI side only - custom dimensions in eazyBI with JavaScript calculated custom fields. you could create two calculated dimensions based on the Label fields:

  • a Type dimension that finds the types from the Label and returns the values
  • a Must have dimension that returns either MustHave or True for the issues where you find the MustHave Label.

Here is a good presentation about JS calculated field creation: Training videos on specific topics.

Lauma /

I will look into this solution. Thanks Lauma!

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