Need to generate report with Zephyr & Jira in a single analysis

Hi Team,

We are licensed users of Eazybi & Zephyr , we need to generate report with Zephyr & Jira in a single analysis in Eazybi.
We have the Hours spent measure in Jira which needs to be consolidated with Zephyr test execution on month wise-- this scenario to be generated in a single report in Eazybi.

Actual Result:
If we try to pull the data for Zephyr & Jira in same analysis ,we are getting an empty report

Expected Result:
Our client needs an combined report in a single analysis.

Please support us on the request as priority.
We are ready to join virtual meeting .

Revathy Madhavan

Hi @RevathyMadhavan,

You can use the Issue dimension in Rows, together with the Time dimension in Columns and Pages.
Use measures Zephyr Test execution count and Hours spent:

Read more about Zephyr and eazyBI integration here: Zephyr for Jira Test Management - eazyBI for Jira

Gerda //

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