Need to get difference between current day closed status count with previous day

I am using IssueHistory measure with status dimension reporting on last 14days tickets counts on status which providing a very larger closed value. I want to subtract the current day value with previous day to get the tickets closed on that day (closed count).

Also I want to put up a target line for which I need to add a constant static value so that I can draw the target line in graph.


The measure “Issues history” together with the Status dimension will show you the total number of issues in a certain status on a specific day.
The measure “Issues closed” shows the number of issues that went to the status defined as Closed grouped by the occurrence date on the Time dimension.
Please read more about Issues closed measures - Issues closed measure.

You might create a new calculated measure with a distinct value for each level of the Time dimension to handle changes in displayed Time dimension levels, and the target scale matches the result scale.

WHEN 'Year' THEN 2500
WHEN 'Quarter' THEN 650
WHEN 'Month'THEN 220
WHEN 'Week' THEN 50
WHEN 'Day' THEN 10

After adding this measure to the report, you might choose a different chart type for the target measure.
Please read more about customizing your charts here - Customize chart.

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