Negative Transition Status value

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I have negative (-1) values for [Transition Status].[Ready].

I Have Time (weeks) on Rows.
I have Measures and Transition status on my Columns.
In Measures I have the Issues hitory calculated member selected defined as:
Cache([Measures].[Transitions to]
- [Measures].[Transitions from])
+ [Measures].[Transitions to]
- [Measures].[Transitions from]

Then I have Category -> transition Status selected in my Transition Status column.

When I drill through the Ready issues then I have a few tickets listed with -1. How is this possible?

I looked through the issue history of one of the tickets with a -1 value and there is an equal number of thransitions to and from the Ready state in the week in question and previous weeks.

I think that this is a ticket history data consistency problem, but I’m not sure how this -1 is calculated.

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eazyBI imports any historical value from Issue change history. In most cases when Issue history gives negative values could be related with change history ordering. There might be cases when changes are logged in incorrect order in Jira. They could result in incorrect values in eazyBI as well.

Any dimension with change history import could impact those results as well.

For example, If you have incorrect order of changes in Status they itself could still give you correct latest status at the end. If you have Sprint change between (or together with) Status changes then most probably the report for this Sprint will represent you incorrect Statuses.

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