New calculated to show how issues under an epic is at "in progress" status

I need to calculate how many issues in epic is at status category “in progress”:

Like this example:
The calculated measure must show 2

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In this case, you could make sure that you have imported “Epic Link” custom field that would create a new hierarchy in the “Issue” dimension.

Then you can use the epic level from that hierarchy and filter the report by status and issue type dimensions.
Measure “issues created” would count children in epic with the filtered status and issue types.
Note that you would want to filter the “Issue type” dimension to exclude the epic itself from the calculation

Martins / eazyBI

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If I want a table that mixes different issue types (Epics, and other custom issue types) and for the Epics I want to get (for example) number of ‘Done’ Children ,
How do I do that?
(I can not use the “Epic” on the Issue hierarchy level).

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Try selecting the measure “Issues resolved” and use the epic hierarchy.
Then select the “Issue type” dimension page filter to filter the report by the necessary issue types.
That would count resolved issues in the epic (when issue.epic hierarchy selected) for the selected issue types.

Martins / eazyBI