New Hierarchy from Initiative to Epic Child Issues


I need to create the following hierarchy:

Initiative → Is blocked by Change Request → Is blocked by Epic → Epic Child Issues.

I created hierarchy like this:

name = “Initiative”
outward_link = “blocks”
issue_type = “Initiative”
dimension = true
update_from_issue_key = “customfield_cre”

name = “Change Request”
outward_link = “blocks”
issue_type = “Change Request”
update_from_issue_key = “epic_key”
dimension = true

name = “Initiative Hierarachy”
all_member_name = “All Issues”
levels = [
{name=“Change Request”,key_column=“customfield_cre”,issue_type=“Change Request”},

But it doesn’t work. When I use “Initiative” level in Issue dimention it doesn’t expand to CRs and lower. I would like to expand each level from Initiative to epic child issues in a row.

We use eazyBi cloud/Jira cloud


A likely reason why the hierarchy is not working could be the correct name and direction of the issue link specified in the configuration. The link for hierarchies shall be defined from the child’s perspective, so the Initiative level must be configured by checking how the link to Initiative looks at a Change request issue.

Please, check this article for more explanations: How to create an additional issue hierarchy.

Please, apply for support should you need more guidance.

Janis, eazyBI support