New issue hierarchy based on weeks?


I will first explain what I’m trying to do, so that you see why I think I need a new hierarchy on the Issue dimension, based on weeks (if that is possible).

I want to see the average age for some issues, split on weeks, and based on a custom field (severity).

This picture shows what I’m trying to achieve:

So for each week, I would need to know the average age of the issues that have a certain priority.

If I use the Time Dimension on Rows, I cannot use the “Average Age” measure.

If I use the Issue Dimension, I have the average age measure, but I don’t know how to show the weeks.

I believe a week hierarchy could be a solution, if that is possible, on the Issue dimension.

If so, how could it be written?

Thank you!

Another possible solution for this would be to have a way to calculate Average Age while being on the Time Dimension, but I don’t know how to calculate that.

Hi again,

I believe I found a solution. I used the ‘Age Interval’ dimension.

Now the report looks like this:

However, I would love to create a new interval so that I could have week names instead of those numbers. Is that possible?

Thank you.

Great to see that you have found the solution!

To change the names you can create new calculated members with the name you wish to see and the Age member, that you wish to give that name to, in the formula

Let me know if that helped!
Lauma /

Hi Lauma,

Thank you for your reply.

That does help, but if I understand correctly, I have to define one calculated member for each previous week, and specify its name. For example:

where, ‘Current week’ has the formula: [Age interval].[000 - 006], ‘Previous week’ is [Age interval].[007 - 013], and so on.

However, the major benefit of the time dimension was that it was showing number of the week in the current year.

Now I wonder if these could actually have week number names updated automatically.

I am now thinking again on what I wrote above, can I calculate ‘Average days’ while still using the Time dimension, or on the issue dimension can I somehow order them based on week, like a issue hierarchy based on weeks?

Thank you!

Hi, any suggestions here, please?

Thank you!

Arama, I am sorry I missed your previous follow up question!

The Age dimension is dynamic - it looks at how old the issue is and groups it in the corresponding age ‘box’. All measures related to the issue that is ‘1 week old’ would be grouped accordingly.
The names in this dimension cannot be dynamic, though we have a feature pending to allow more flexible renaming of the Interval dimension members.

You can use the ‘Average age days’ measure with Time dimension. In this way, the issues would be grouped by their due date on the Timeline.
Another option is to show the Average age of the Open issues by the end of that time period. Please see an example report and let me know if you have further questions!

Lauma /

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Hi Lauma,

Thank you for your reply. I have no idea how I missed “average age of open issues” measure.
It’s exactly what I needed.
Thank you!

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