New report - Issue Overdue

How can i create a report that return the result based on JQL below:

project in (ABC) AND status not in (XYZ) AND (“End date” < now() OR “End date” is EMPTY) AND issuetype not in (AAA) ORDER BY key, status, “End date”

Result view = gauge

my difficulty is in creating a new “Define new calculated member” that uses the ENDDATE field according to JQL.



In our demo account we have an example report based on Issues due date. It shows unresovled overdue issues. There are some other measures counting resolved issues in planned time and resolved isuses overdue.

If you would like to count issues with End date < Now() you can use an example measure Overdue issues. You can use Project, Status, and Issue type seelction on Pages with it.

However, if you would like to see both overdue and isuses with no end date you would like to use issue level calculaction as we do not have a measure representing issues with no date.

Here is an example formula for this:

  Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
NOT [Measures].[Issue status] MATCHES "Done|Closed" AND
(IsEmpty([Measures].[Issue due date]) or 
DateCompare([Measures].[Issue due date], Now()) <= 0)
  ([Measures].[Issues created],

I used only a status filter in the formula. However, you can add issue type or project filter to the formula as well.

I used due date as an example, please switch measure Issude due date with Issue end date as well.

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