New to Easy BI, need some guidance to get started

Hi all!
I am a scrum master for a small team with an overly complicated JIRA instance and process.
There are a few reports we would love to be able to create and I have tried for about 4 hours now to make them myself but am struggling.
Any help or guidance would be appreciated!

  1. We need a Sprint Burn Down report but we don’t burn down a ticket until it reaches a certain status, not when it is marked Done. So we would like to see the story point “burn down” when it reaches X statuses (in progress not Done statuses)

  2. Average Story size per sprint

  3. Ratio of Ticket Types per sprint (Bug versus Story)

  4. Effort level per story point- we don’t use time tracking so I was thinking of doing a table of sorts that showed how many days it takes on average to burn down a story point.

I appreciate any and all help here! I will continue trying to create these reports and looking through documentation, I am just hopeful someone here may save me years of my life trying to make it work!

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Message below:

1. Story point “burn down” when it reaches X statuses (in progress, not Done statuses).

Instead of Story Points resolved in the burndown, you may count Story Points in the burned-down statues at the end of each day during the sprint.

To do that, please create a calculated member in the Transition Status dimension to aggregate all the statuses you consider as burned down. Then create a new calculated measure that uses aggregated statuses with the Story Points History measure in a tuple.

Example of calculated member in Transition status dimension:

Aggregate( { [Transition Status].[depending build - staging], [Transition Status].[qa fail], [Transition Status].[developer testing - staging], ...etc } )

Please add all the needed statuses and use the correct status names. Please, read more about Aggregate here: Aggregate

Then create a measure (in Measures) using aggregated members and measure Story Points history. Use this measure instead of Story Points resolved:

( [Measures].[Story Points history], [Transition Status].[Burned statuses] )

And about tuple, here: Tuple

  1. About Average Story size per Sprint .
    For example, you can use measure Story Points Resolved with hidden measure Issues with Story Points Resolved to calculate the average. You can read more about hidden measures here: Jira custom fields

To calculate the average, consider creating a new calculated measure with the formula::

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Issues with Story Points resolved] > 0 THEN [Measures].[Story Points resolved] / [Measures].[Issues with Story Points resolved] END

You can use Sprint dimension into rows together with this calculated measure.

  1. The Ratio of Ticket Types per sprint .
    You may use Pie chart to show this information: Create charts

Please choose the Issue Type dimension in the rows and dimension Sprints in Pages to select the sprint. If you want to see all the sprints, then add the sprint dimension to the columns. Depending on how you want to see the ratio - for committed issues or issues closing, choose one of the Sprint Scoupe measures: Sprint issues committed, Sprint issues completed, etc. Please read more about Sprint scope measures here: Jira Software custom fields

For example, Sprint issues at closing in sprint HERB Sprint 3 are in the picture below:
Is this something you are looking for?

  1. Effort level per story point.
    If not using Time tracking, we have predefined measures called “Average resolution days” and “Story Points resolved”, consider using those. Read more about Story point measures here: Jira Software custom fields

Consider creating a new calculated measure with the formula:

CASE WHEN [Measures].[Story Points resolved] > 0 THEN [Measures].[Average resolution days]/ [Measures].[Story Points resolved] END

See the example with Effort level by sprints below:



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Thank you so much for your help here!
I have set up these reports as you have mentioned above but I have a few more questions. Would it be possible to book 30 minutes to speak with you and we can just run through the reports I made and the changes I need while on the call?
I am slated to present this app as a solution to our team next Tuesday the 6th and would LOVE to have this buttoned up by then!