No. of issues Created showing as Double the actual count

Hi team,

We are trying to create issue report which displays issues count across status. All these issues have 2 labels. If there is 1 issue in “Resolved” status then the count shows 2. It seems to be duplicating due to multiple labels.

Looking for a solution to display distinct issues count irrespective of labels associated with issue.

Hi, @nitishm

I answered you directly during the support conversation, but I’m adding the answer here in the community for those who also need a distinct count.

Thank you for reaching out to eazyBI.

Yes, with the labels, issues are counted for each label, hence the 2. To get a distinct count, please consider using “Distinct issues count measures,” like: Issues created count, Issues due count, Issues resolved count or Issues closed count. Please read more here on this page (search “distinct”): Jira Core measures and dimensions