No 'subscription plan' option when creating new account in eazyBI


I am trying to analyze git commit logs according to the discription in below link:

but no ‘subscription plan’ option when creating new accout in eazyBI, please help to let me know how to let it show or any other way to analyze git logs, Thanks a lot

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Annie Gao

@xinranmo when you create a new eazyBI account, you’ll be started on a 30-day trial.

Have you reviewed the pricing details for eazyBI yet?
From that screen you can sign up for a subscription plan - find one that’s appropriate for your needs (depending on if you’re using Jira Server, DC, or Cloud, Confluence, or something else).

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@xinranmo, if you already have an eazyBI instance (e.g., Jira site) where you use the app, you can skip the new subscription creation and create an account in your existing eazyBI environment where to upload and analyze the Git commit log.

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