Not allow filtering by string custom fields


I have a problem: In my Jira project we have created 6 custom fields. Two of them are string field type (SWF GADGET REQUEST and SWF CLARITY PROJECT) and the other 4 (SWF ANALISIS - DESARROLLO - PRUEBAS - PROVEEDOR) are value selection lists.

When I want to use them as dimensions to filter in the eazyBI reports, only the 4 of value selection list type appear. The two of string type don’t even let me import them as dimensions so I can’t use them for filtering.

Also when I want to use them for filtering en JIRA just appears the value selection list custom fields .


Is there any way to be able to filter also by the two of type string?

Many thanks in advance!

eazyBI tries to detect import options for custom fields based on the custom field data type. We import select list (single select) and select list (multiple select), labels, and several more as dimensions by default.

Text single line and Text multi-line values can be imported as properties only. We might not detect the data type of some add-ons and offer to import some as properties only as well.

If eazyBI can’t detect a field type properly or you would like to change the import options for the field, you would like to use eazyBI advanced settings for custom fields.

This definition example should enable custom field import as a dimension. It should be of data type string, integer, or decimal and import option dimension = true explicitly specified for them:

data_type = “string”
dimension = true

Please use a Jira custom field ID (5 digits) instead of NNNNN in the definition above. The simplest way to see the custom field ID is in import options. You can mouse over the field name and the custom field ID will show.

Please make sure the data length for the field does not exceed 255char. If the text field has values longer than this, we suggest using some custom JavaScript code to truncate data.

The definition above might change the data type of the field. Data type and import option changes for the custom field might need data structure changes in eazyBI. You would like to run two full imports to get this working:

  1. Please deselect the custom field from import options (any selection), save import options, and run an import. This import should delete any data structures for this custom field.
  2. Please select the custom field back for import. Save import options and run an import. This import should create new data structures for your custom field.

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