Not showing an xray test execution set if a new one is created

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I am trying to create a report in EazyBI for Xray test execution results but I don’t know how to fulfill one of the requirements.

My customers wants to see the results of specific test executions in the same graphic. You may see the example in the picture: Test execution 1, test execution 2 and test execution 3 are on the same graphic because they were run for the same feature; however, the results of test execution 1 shouldn’t be shown after test execution 2 is created. And the results of test execution 2 shouldn’t be shown after test execution 3 is created. Is there a way I can manage it? You can see the formulas I use below.

  [Measures].[Xray Tests executed])

  [Measures].[Xray Tests executing])

Hi @Esra_Yilmaz,

If you would like to see the testing results of the active (current) Test Execution at the time, check on Begin and End dates for each selected Test Execution.

​The idea is to check which whether Test Execution is active on each period (Time on rows) and show accumulated testing results for active Test Execution until the End date of that Test Execution.
The updated expression for calculated measure might look like this:

  --set of selected test executions
    --for each execution check on Begin and end dates
    ChildrenSet([Xray Test Execution].CurrentMember),
    --check that execution is active on selected period
        DateAddDays([Xray Test Execution].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('Begin Date'), -1),
        [Xray Test Execution].CurrentHierarchyMember.get('End Date') )
    THEN 1
    END > 0 
  --sum up cumulative testing results of active test execution at the time
    [Measures].[Xray Tests with executions]

More details on calculated measures and used functions are described in the documentation:

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