Notifications based on triggers

Good day,

We are getting feedback from customers that they would like a feature that would send notifications based on changes in graphics - specific criteria or triggers.
For example, if I had a gauge and it would reach a certain value I would get an e-mail.

Gvido Neilands,,
eazyBI service partner


Hi Gvido,

Thank you for the idea! That would definitely be a helpful improvement.
For now we don’t have plans on the roadmap to add report based notifications. We will keep you posted if anything changes.

Lauma /

please, could anyone from the EazyBI team update here about this feature?
thank you ahead


Hi @DKostiuk,

This feature to subscribe to email alerts based on some report values has moved on in the eazyBI roadmap - we are working on its implementation. Somebody from my team certainly will post an update to this post once it is released.

Lauma /

Hi @GvidoN ,
You can define conditional report alerts in eazyBI reports and charts to receive an automatic email when an alert on a measure is triggered. It is available on Cloud and since the eazyBI app 7.0 version. See related documentation: Conditional report alerts

Gerda //