Number format from 1,234.56 to 1.234,56

Hi there,

I need to change the number format in our reports to the european continental format = 1.234, 56

How can I do that?

Thanks in advance

Hi @AntonBDR ,
I hear you on this, the decimal separators differ across countries and languages. By default, eazyBI has a few localizations: French, German, and Latvian. For example, when an eazyBI user chose the German language, then the decimal format is “31.254,25” by default.

As an alternative, you may create new localization and adjust just decimal (or decimal and time formats) as you see fit, leaving the English (eazyBI default) language.
Decimal separators are defined in eazyBI locales and here are some examples: Custom locales

But unfortunately, this solution with custom locales won’t work in eazyBI for Jira Cloud .

Gerda //

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Hi @gerda.grantina ,
Is there a planned date to implement this configuration for numerical fields in Jira Cloud?

Thanks in advanced