Number of Authors per space

Hi community,
I am new to eazybi and i’m currently using it for confluence to create reports for my company and i found it a great tool.
but now i’m stuck with one thing i want to create a report which shows how many authors have created at least one article and this for each space,
anyone can help me with how to get the number of authors per space?

Hi @Mohamed_Aziz_MANNAI,

Thank you for choosing eazyBI for your Confluence data analysis!

You can check out several reports related to Author activity in this Confluence Demo account: Author activity - Confluence public demo - eazyBI. Note that you can export any of the report definitions and import them to your account to check on your data.

In this Demo, Space is set as a Page filter. Probably you would like to move the Space dimension on rows next to the Author to see each Author activity in each Space.

Lauma /