Number of requirements that is related to executed tests within a time period


I am trying to get the number of requirements that is covered by executed tests and number of bugs found in those tests within a time period(like a quarter). I tried lots of things without success.

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HI @Tankut_Koray

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Are you using any of the test management apps eazyBI has integration with (XRay, Zephyr Squad, or Zephyr Scale)?
Then you may find dimensions and measures according to the specific test management app related to the test requirements, tests, as well as measures of test executions and count of found defects.
For instance, there is an example and a description how to create a test coverage report based on XRay data: Xray Requirement coverage

If you use another test app, please check the corresponding documentation page and find what dimensions and measures suits the report needs (the idea might be similar to this XRay report): Data from Jira apps

In case if you are using linked issues instead to maintain tests, you may want to need to import issue links: Import issue links.
If you need further assistance to define those links, please, contact and describe how those relationships are configured in Jira, as well as how the final report should look (example).

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