Number of "sprint issues added"


We are working on a dashboard and there are several fields we would like to retrive. Issues is planned in a sprint, issues added within the sprint, issues removed, issues completed…

We tried to create a table with the row “issue” and the columns “sprint”, “issue type”, “sprint issues comitted”, “sprint issues added”, etc. In some cases the amount of “sprint issues added” for a specific story is 4. We do not understand why a specific issue can have 4 “sprint issues added”.

Is there somewhere where I can find the meaning of each calculated measure in EazyBI?

Thank you

Hi @Amaia,

You can have a look at our documentation page for a description of each measure related to Jira Software -

You can find the descriptions of the default measures on this documentation page -

The report you are trying to build can be found in the sample reports that come with eazyBI with the name “Sample Sprint report”. You can find it in the Analyze tab under the “Sample Jira Software” folder.

Kind regards,
Roberts // eazyBI support