Number of unestimated issues of type story in project in time




I’m totally new to the topic on EazyBI. I would like to setup a report/chart where I could show on X-time-axis (weekly) the amount of issue (type Story) which do not have Story Points.

The following should have affect on the count:

  • Adding new Story w/o SP --> +1 to the count in the given week
  • Closing a story w/o SP --> -1 to the count in the given week
  • Estimating (setting SP) a non closed story --> -1 to the count in the given week
  • Removing estimation (removing SP) from a non closed story --> +1 to the count in the given week

Can anyone advise on how to achieve this? I was trying to find some guidance in this forum, but w/o luck. ;(


eazyBI has several measures to count story points history over time. However, we do not have a default measure to count issues with no story points over time.

We have default measure (hidden) to count the current amount of issues with story points Issues with Story Points created and you can use subtraction to get a count without Story Points subtracting this measure from all Issues created.

However, you are asking for a historical measure here. You would like to use a calculation on issue level:

  Filter(Descendants([Issue].CurrentMember, [Issue].[Issue]),
 -- filter by open issues in period
        [Issue].CurrentMember.get('Created at'),
        [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember) AND
      [Issue].CurrentMember.get('Resolved at'),
      [Time].CurrentHierarchyMember) AND
-- filter by issue type
    [Measures].[Issue type] = "Story"  
-- filter for issues with no story points in period
      CoalesceEmpty([Measures].[Story Points history],0) = 0
-- count of issues based on all filter criteria
     NonZero(([Measures].[Issues created count],

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