# of story points grouped by epics + additional portfolio issue types


We are trying to build a report that will summarize # of story points by grouping of super theme, theme, and epic. Super Theme and Theme are our portfolio issue types that were created on a hierarchy above Epic

Super Theme -> Theme -> Epic

We have so far created a table that has columns for super theme, theme, epic and story points but we are wondering if there is a better way of creating a rollup of story points completed across all grouping.

Screen Shot 2020-07-20 at 3.47.45 PM|690x170


I’ve done something similar recently - I used Issues in rows selecting the (Theme, in your case) under the Portfolio hierarchy. I also use the (Portfolio Theme) as a Page Dimension to make it easier to quickly get to a smaller set. This has the advantage of rolling up total issues & Story Points to the higher levels.

I’m using it to track status & % complete values for a given Release.

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Larryd, would you mind sharing the export of your report? I need to do the same as what you did. thanks