On table view, how can i add sprints on epic level

Hello, I’m struggling to add a new measurement on my table view that will show the sprints on an Epic hierarchy. Currently what i have is “Issue Sprints” that for the epic itself shows “(No Sprint)” for the epic level and when i expand it, i can see the sprints set for each of the child tickets - This obviously makes sense as Epic doesn’t have a sprint, but what i would like to present is the sum of all sprints the child issues been worked on, and to accumulate them for the epic (Sort of a “total” of all sprints)

To do so, i thought on two possible solutions

    • Create a new measurement that takes the child issues and sum them for the epic level
    • Use “start date” and “due date” and convert the dates into sprints, then present the sprints

Anyone had experienced something like that?