One of the status category "Done" statuses

I am new in eazyBI and I am learning about the charts. Exploring the Sprint velocity chart, I have read this text:

One of the status category “Done” statuses

What it is means? are there more than one status as “Done”? I use the next columns in my board:
to do, blocked, in progress, code review, QA CO, QA, waiting for deployment, done
For me one task is done (from the developer point of view) when the task arrives to QA CO. How can I control that?

Thank you for your time and congratulations for the app!!!

Hi , it means that to consider a story as completed , it has to be “Done” within the sprint time frame ,
so those issues should enter a status - catgory of “done”, and it depends in your workflow and status definition (you can see the colors gray,blue and green in cloud to see the category of to do in progress done)

you can also check what is considered as status category “done” through your eazybi :

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