One report from two data sources

Hi all!
Can you please help me? It is possible to create one report from two different data sources?
I’ll explain: I have data from my JIRA, this is the first data source where I take (assume) the number of tasks completed by the HR team. I also have data from Google Sheets, this is the second data source, here I take information about how many candidates have passed the probationary period, how many have completed all the basic training in half a year, how many have received promotions, and so on.
Can I divide the number of employees who passed the probation period by the number of successfully closed hiring tickets to get the probation rate after hiring?
I know how to make calculated measures, but I don’t understand how to calculate the result of measures from different sources. Is it possible?

Hi @Mitirrol ,

In eazyBI, you can import additional data into the Jira issues cube. The additional data, in your case Google Sheet, needs data that can tie it together with Jira data. Unfortunately, from the available information, it is hard to guess from the available information, which part of Jira you could tie the candidates to.

If the candidates are assignees (or a user field/custom field) of the HR tickets, you can map the Google Sheets data to the respective dimension. Another option is the Issue dimension keys of the HR tickets.

I recommend looking at our documentation page regarding the additional data mapping - Additional data import into Jira Issues cube - eazyBI for Jira.

Also, please look at two presentations on the additional data import and reports based on them - Training videos on specific topics - eazyBI and Training videos on specific topics - eazyBI.

If you want to share more details to clarify the requirement, please email and reference this community post.

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