Only want to report at Program Epic Level but returning some Epics in Report, unsure how to resolve

I only want to report on Program Epics (under my project and with particular label which are in progress status), where some attributes are missing. I have it got it working and want to display by team…this is also working, but what appears to be happening (not all cases)…It is displaying not just Program Epics… but also some Epics…even though in the Issue Type, I have selected to return only Program Epics. What am I doing wrong?
It appears to only show Program Epics if I select All Teams (rather than by specific teams)…but when I do that I get a brakedown by each team but then all teams as well…don’t want it to be doubled… please help

Hi @Katie,
Can you please share more details about what exactly is not working? Please include printscreen of your report and export the report definition?
If you cannot share that kind of information in community, feel free to send the information directly to eazyBI support:

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