Open a Link on a popup window

Hello, I have a custom formula that open an embed report in another page on my browser.
Is there a possibility to open it on a little popup window over the current page?

“<a href='https://…/eazybi/accounts/73/embed/report/2170?selected_pages=[OBJ%20Code].[” ||
[Object].CurrentMember.Get(’…’) || “]’>” ||
[Object].CurrentMember.Get(’…’) || “”

Hi @Alessandro_Lombardo,

I see you have made most of the HTML formatting option in eazyBI reports. Clever solution =)
There is no supported way to create a pop-up window in eazyBI, a report could be viewed only through supported channels, like, eazyBI dashboards or embedded in an iframe on some web page (Publish Reports).

Zane /