Open Dashboard using parameter


How to open the easybi dashboard using user parameter for eg. load the graph based on the user value passed in the URL

eazyBI have several functions to get the currently logged in user:
CurrentUser() - retrieves logged in eazyBI username
CurrentUserName() - retrieves a name of logged in eazyBI user
CurrentUserEmail() - retrieves email of logged in eazyBI user

You can create new calculated measures with any of the function as a formula and add them to a report to check the values in each of them.

You should make sure that custom cube you are creating with SQL contains any of the value (eazyBI username, email, or name) and you map this column as Key column for dimension representing users. Let’s assume you have a dimension User with level User for this.

Then you can build a calculated member in this dimension User:

    IIF( IsEmpty([User].[User].getMemberByKey(CurrentUser())),

I used a function CurrentUser you can switch to any other mentioned above that matches your imported data.

Then you can build a set of reports where you are using this dimension with this calculated member selected on Pages.

Create a dashboard with those reports. While in edit mode of the dashboard, open Pages selection of one report for this dimension and set it as a common page. Save the dashboard with these settings.

The dashboard will automatically refresh results in all reports based on logged in user.

You can also check how this work in our Demo account Project overview dashboard over Jira data for Assignee. There is common page selection in Assignee dimension Current Assignee.

Daina /

Is the answer to whether you can pass parameters into a dashboard a “no” then? I’d like to have a single dashboard that allows people to set a common page dimension based on the URL, so when they open the page, the dimension is set for them, rather than having to select one. This might be a project or Saga, rather than a user.

This page suggests it’s possible with iframes but I couldn’t get it to work with just standard URLs.

Sorry if this is hijacking another thread, but the title is what I need to do.

Many thanks

Option to use selected_pages should be available when you are using URL instead of iframe as well. However, you would like to use the URL part you can copy from embedded report iframe configuration.

Here is the same report you can open in the URL. You would like to make sure the user has access to the report, though.

Daina /

Thanks - this seems to work with a report but not with a dashboard, where EazyBI just strips all parameters off the url.

The same parameter should work for dashboards as well.
Here I used our Jira demo account dashboard

Daina /

Great - that does work. So the answer is to have it on the /accounts/xxx/embed/dashboard URL. I think that would work for our purposes since this would be for getting reports out to people ion a convenient way (e.g. embedded in a wiki page).

Thanks for all your help!